Thursday, 7 February 2013

Blue Rinse and Rollers or improving your nepeta.

I have always been smitten with the billowing knee high allĂ©e of nepeta seen in English gardens and it seems wholly suitable to repeat the effect here in our dry summers. 

 I have a two walled and paved walkways around the house where rose grow that need a dense hedging to create more definition and mid-summer interest in the peak of our searing sun conditions. Last year I planted what should have been “Six Hills Giant” which I had hopped should be more upright. The bees have loved it but I am not impressed.

Trawling through an old copy of English Garden magazine I read a great idea (sorry didn’t note who she was!) which was to roll tubes of chicken wire and let the nepeta grow through. What a great solution – I’m rushing out to try it straight away as they have just had a haircut and I hope to get a second magazine worthy display.

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