Sunday, 7 October 2012

Last of the Tulips

I may have potted these up too late or not the right conditions as many were very small blooms -i suspect not enough water at the correct time! But these late flowering ones have burst like flames with the hot weather last week and look wonderful fully blown. They are lasting well as now we have a cold snap!

I don't bother to pull bulbs up as I always have too much planted over them and they get smaller each year until they disappear so I'm not sure that I shall get them again... until I see a pot of this of course! What do you think? I know there are some in England who plant thousands every year - really? Surely a lot of effort for one off blooms. There are many bloomers that only flower once or briefly but generally they will go on year after year -peonies,daffs, old roses and many perennials. I think I shall take the plunge and commit to not indulge this year but choose rather something that will go on and on.

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