Saturday, 13 October 2012

Of all the lovely blossoms

All the blossom trees, except the ornamental plum which flowered in July, are coming into bloom. Pop over to my Flickr to see a mass of blossom tree pictures - antique apples are my star showing and I shall update the growing seasons of these lovely trees over there along with the quince and plums. I don’t think the plums will come to much this year as last year was so bountiful.
Red delicious
Malus "Beauty of Bath"

 Apple Blossoms by Hattie Howard
 Of all the lovely blossoms
        That decorate the trees,
      And shower down their petals
        With every breath of breeze,
   There is nothing so sweet or fair to me
      As the delicate blooms of the apple tree.

Malus "Profusion"? note to self - WRITE down the names!

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