Friday, 4 January 2013

More snow in Summer - Literal and figurative!

Well almost! After some baking hot days last week we have been plunged into a very winter like chill, not soon enough to save the last of the peony flowers though as they are well shrivelled up now as well as some other bloomers. I hope the rain is good for the fruit trees as the apples are coming along-I shall post a fruit update later this week. It seems like only yesterday they were baby blossoms!  

Rosa Silver Ghost -planted last year has been lovely. Very nice form and has lasted well in the heat and the rain, which is very nice as many white flowers have been spoilt by these conditions and who can blame them!


Philadelphus Belle Etoile one of my all time favourite plants.

Darling Rosa Edna Walling - I do think she would have been very pleased with this rose, such sweet nature and a wild rambling way.

Rosa Wedding Day in a pot near the Secret Garden. Ammmmazing!

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