Thursday, 3 January 2013

The ping pong rose or January Bouquet

 A mix of pink roses saved from the rain. A new rose for me which has done so well and I think goes so well with the other (perhaps more frowsy) blooms is sweet Rosa Pomponella is a Floribunda (cluster flowered) rose with small dark pink flowers in an almost pingpong ball size and shape. It has a neat dark green habit and at the moment is covered in bunches of blooms.



  1. What are the other roses in the vase? Love the full soft pink one.

    1. Hello Denisa
      The really full one is "Mary Rose", a David Austin rose that just flowers all year long and "Pinkie". So easy to grow! I will post lots of pictures this spring of the other roses I'm growing so I hope you will pop back! cheers Tina


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